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Newborn Photography Guide

About Me

My name is Lydia, and I created L&R Photography in

2013. When I began I found such a strong love and

interest in family photography and I have learned and

grown with it ever since. I especially enjoy capturing

baby’s first moments, keeping in mind that their safety

and comfort are of top priority. I devoted my time and

invested more of my money in doing newborn sessions

for this year, as it was my #1 booked session for 2018.

I’m getting to do what I love most in photographing

newborns and I would love to give you beautiful portraits

of your baby!


2019 Package & Pricing

Each and every Session is unique to each newborn,

all Newborn Packages include:

1 to 3-hour session in my home studio with your newborn within their first 12

days of life (recommended not mandatory)

 20 high-resolution digital files

Customizable Session-

Parents get to choose colors for session

Wraps & Crochet outfits are available for use for each newborn!  

1 "Mugshot" photo with gifted L&R Onesie 

(offered, not mandatory )

All finals from the sessions are uploaded and published onto an online gallery that will be up for 30 days, through this gallery you can download each image in High resolution and share on social media

A Photo Print Release is Given with Each Session; 

this gives you the rights to print on your own!

These details listed are included in every newborn session at an Affordable

Price of:

$150 per newborn

$30 to secure your spot, remainder due at session

How It Works

  • I understand due dates are not always a guarantee, So the way that we schedule is once I have received your booking retainer, I set you up in my calendar on the due date (unless otherwise discussed!), once baby has officially arrived you let me know when you’d like to schedule. I understand everyone adjusts to baby’s arrival in different ways so you let me know when you’re ready to bring baby in. I always make scheduling the little one my top priority since we have such a small window to work with for photos. Photos being done within first 12 days of life is always what I recommend to best for poses and capturing the greatest amount of photos, but of course is not mandatory. 
  • Newborn sessions are only done Monday-Friday at 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM. Due to the sessions taking up to 3 hours long, I can only take newborn sessions at this time of the day, no exceptions. 
  • I also ask that only necessary immediate family come along with you (parents & siblings [if any] of baby only) to the session, I have very limited space in my studio & I want to be sure that the space remains comfortable for everyone.
  • Photos with parents and siblings are always welcomed, and are done at the beginning of the session (for those with little ones keep in mind the session can take up to 3 hours, I know they aren't as patient as we are!) 
  • Studio temperature will be kept warm, at a constant 85 degrees so baby remains comfortable throughout the session; so moms & dads, if you’re not going to be in photos I would advise to dress light, as it does get hot for us! 
  • I have materials and set ups ready when you arrive, having clients fill out Newborn questionnaire form, allows me to have all requested colors and items ready for baby when you arrive!
  • My usual set up is 2 fabric backdrop colors on my bean bag set up and 1 pose in/on a prop (basket, bucket, or bed) when choosing colors you can either specify which color you want me to use for the prop pose, which prop you'd like to use if any, or I can choose for you! 
  • All fabrics and wraps are washed with Baby Dreft Laundry detergent as soon as I purchase them, and after every time they are used in the studio, cleanliness for baby is extremely important to me
  • If you are expecting multiples, please let me know as soon as you can what colors you'd like to use as I may have to purchase additional items since I am doing photos of multiples together (and of course it would be nice for them to match!)
  •  There is changing table area in my studio where baby can be changed (and it is sanitized after every single use)
  • I wash my hands before baby arrives and am constantly using hand sanitizer throughout the session so you know your baby is in clean hands. 
  • I often use white noise, a baby shussher machine, & soothing techniques that I’ve been trained in to comfort baby
  •  I will be the one to pose baby, patience is necessary for all sessions. If your assistance is needed, I will be sure to ask away! Baby’s comfort & safety is most important to me!
  • Crying will sometimes happen & that’s okay! It’s totally normal & baby is not hurting, baby is only wanting to not be disturbed during their sleep, if we need to stop for feedings, that is completely fine with me!
  • Once we have finished the session I will work on the photos to publish to your gallery. My turnaround time is 3 weeks! I do skin adjustments that include blemish removal, skin softening, and redness removal.

Digital finals are wonderful to have but having photos on something physical is assuring the memories are kept forever. I offer beautiful professional products that will help you keep these memories in your home forever. I offer these wonderful products from a professional print lab that is #1 recommended for all photography businesses! And I must say they do match my colors extremely well! 

Products & Pricing
























Albums are hardcover with enriched luster pages*

Orders for product can be placed through the online gallery.

For Albums, clients will favorite 10-20 photos on the gallery, and I

will then create the album and send the design to you for your

approval, before submitting the final order. Proofs for Canvases will

be sent for approval as well!